Sunday, October 31, 2010

The time has come 10 years on ...

It's just after midnight here, in Abidjan it's just past 10pm.

Tomorrow morning Cote d'Ivoire will go to the polls, for the first time in 10years.  I hope that the calm that has reigned for the last few years and during the election campaigning will remain.

Tomorrow is also auspicious for me, I will be sending 12 boxes of goods to Cote d'Ivoire via a friend of mine who has kindly given me space in his container.  The boxes are full of clothes, shoes, sheets & towels plus anything else that I've had donated or raided my cupboards for, to enable C.R.E.E.R to get started.

Whatever happens from tomorrow will happen.  I hope that the country will remain peaceful and that it'll all pass off without any major incidents.  I have too many friends there that I know want the country to continue to grow & hopefully return to being the economic powerhouse it once was in the 1980's.

I trust that whatever happens, we will be able to get C.R.E.E.R established, encourage children to get the best out of their lives and off the streets; there will be many voting tomorrow who may have held arms during the crisis as children.  This cannot be repeated!!!

My thoughts are with you all in Cote d'Ivoire ...

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Olivier et Danielle said...

Oh oui Chloé ! Qu'enfin ces éléctions présidentielles se déroulent dans le calme... C'est pas gagné avec Bakbo qui se déclare vainqueur avant le scrutin... Alors qu'il est resté en place sans mandat électif depuis plus de 5 ans...Souhaitons des jours meilleurs à ce merveilleux pays.