Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This doesn't even touch the reality ...


A Kenyan pilot friend of mine sent me this, its so true & so sad! More needs to be done!!! It's not just women, many are girls as young as 10, boys too ... where & when will it end?

An update

An update on M's story.

She eventually went for her tests at an Abidjan hospital. Amazingly she's in fairly good shape. The story about her being raped has proved to be true; she doesn't have HIV at this stage (& hopefully the next test will also prove negative) but is slightly anaemic - a small problem in reality.

I spoke to her last weekend. She was thrilled to talk on the phone. It seems that she's integrating well in the centre. However she's not going to school with the other 37 children yet, paperwork needs to be done to have her ready to go & catch up with her studies.

Personally I can't wait to see her soon, it's going to be hard to keep my eyes dry in front of them all but I'll try! I'm taking another mountain of supplies to them all, including the Congolese boy who has sickle cell which is costing a fortune in medicine to keep him well.