Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A request ..

I'm under a lot of pressure to make sure that C.R.E.E.R will work.  We're all determined to make it work.  I've been talking to everyone and anyone that will listen to me!

We have a lot in place due to the generosity of the Mayor of the town we're going to be in with the land donation.  I've also had a long chat with a lovely lady in Canada who is very interested as she already has her own charity there that deals with trafficked children, trying to repatriate them but others who 'can't' go home may come to us.  She will be meeting our contacts in Cote d'Ivoire in the near future we hope to examine how we can work together.

I am hoping that people reading this blog may be able to offer a) advice b) support c) a word of mouth community to enable us to make this move forward, as I said, in the long term this should be self-sustainable, starting it up is going to be a difficult exercise so there are a few ideas namely:

  1. Financial donations
  2. Contacts you may have in the commercial world who would might like to be involved in giving material gifts (tools, materials, shipping containers of goods etc) or financial contributions
  3. Sponsoring one of the children that will be with us for the longer term, keeping in regular contact and getting updates from them.
  4. Donating items of use including clothes, shoes etc, although this might be difficult for us to get them to Cote d'Ivoire - I already have a mountain of clothes that I will be taking with me on each trip as I used to do for EMSF.
  5. Doing fundraising on our behalf, when the website is up & running we intend to have a PayPal account.  So this could be evening charity auctions, fun runs, accomplishing a long bicycle ride or marathon run.
  6. Just TALKING, if you're at university or at a school we're keen to hear from you & will send you fliers (to be made up soon on PDF) etc to get more interest. 
For French companies (and possibly across the EU, I need to examine this) there is a taxable deduction for companies who give either financial or material aid from their company, it's at 65% in France.
    I've just added Amazon links to this blog.  I will receive some money from any clicks on there.  If you're thinking about Christmas presents already & want to buy from Amazon, please use my links & the money will go to C.R.E.E.R


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