Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tent hooks or tenterhooks???

Yesterday we sent 12 boxes on a long journey to Cote d'Ivoire, inside we have 4 tents ... minus a few hooks which I'll have to take with me when I go.

Today, right now in fact, the Presidential result is expected, I've been sitting here all day on tenterhooks checking for updates, constantly hearing the latest from friends & twitters.  The best laugh I've had all day is to hear a play on words with the French word for current as the electricity company CIE seems to have turned off the power, but the current theme of the day is for CEI the electoral commission to announce a winner!!!

I just want to hear that everyone accepts the final vote after 10 years without voting.  That things remain calm.  That friends are safe & sound, won't be witnessing any further violence.  That Cote d'Ivoire gets back on it's feet with the grace it once had as a country.

As Tiken Jah Fakoly starts his song 'Ma Cote d'Ivoire' ...

la côte d' ivoire mon beau pays - Cote d'Ivoire my beautiful country
pays d'hospitalité - country of hospitality
pays de fraternité - country of brotherhood

and finishes ...

Ma Côte d' Ivoire - My Cote d'Ivoire
je ne veux plus te voir en larmes - I don't want anymore tears
ma Côte d' Ivoire - My Cote d'Ivoire
je ne veux plus te voir prendre les armes - I don't want to see you take your weapons

Says it all really ........

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