Friday, November 6, 2009

Life goes on ...

We didn't make it to Abidjan, that wasn't due to the offers of help we received from the plea I put on here, a complete stranger in Canada offered his air miles, unfortunately it didn't fit due to a variety of airline changes going on the weekend we needed to be there. So I didn't get to spend my birthday there or get to the conference.

However, I have to congratulate Air Ivoire for also trying to assist us. Again this also went wrong which I'm not going to go into but the crux of it is that we attracted attention which is surely great for the future of Women in African Aviation? Thank you Air Ivoire & a senior secretary who knows she tried to get us to the Yamoussoukro conference!

So, I'm still in Europe, still spending far too long in front of two screens trying to get myself back to Africa. I am overwhelmed with work right now, both in Europe & in Africa. Trying to manage a company in Europe, a start-up in Africa and then the orphanage & Women in African Aviation as charitable organisations is enough for anyone!

I'm hoping to drive down to Cote d'Ivoire mid-december with all the goods on board a donated vehicle, yet again I have my begging bowl out for a free passage for the minibus across the stretch of the mediterranean sea to Morocco. I hope to hear soon as to how that will work out. But it's a long way down (sorry Charlie Boorman et al) to get there. Whilst I'm thinking of it, would Charlie Boorman like to join us & I'll take Claudio's job & mount the camera on the roof???

I might be leaving for W.Africa again shortly, as usual it's going to be last minute. To meet a few decision makers & hopefully get pen to paper so that the new company can take shape & I can spend more time there, in a commercial as well as a charitable sense.

Fingers crossed!

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Shelby said...

Hi Kira,

Great blog! I'm Shelby. you've been responding to many of my questions on the Lonely Planet site. Could you shoot me an email? I tried to send you a message via the site but it didn't go through.

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