Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anyone got a seat please?

A serious request. I'm hoping to be in Yamoussoukro in two weeks to attend the anniversary of the 'Yamoussoukro Decision' - liberalization of airspace in Africa.

Added to which there is a 'gender' theme to the conference, I got a call about this from Dakar a few days ago to give my version of what the issue actually entails for the conference.

I can't say right now but there are a number of high level African women going to the conference. As a member of WAFRIC (; myself & the President, a Kenyan, currently living in Europe are determined to go & make ourselves known. To stand up for women across Africa wanting to move into a 'mans world' - a world of aviation.

There are currently an estimated 6% of airline pilots of the 'fairer sex'. This figure diminishes when you look at the statistics in relation to air traffic controllers, technicians etc. A few weeks ago I was in Addis Ababa presenting at AFCAC's Brain Drain Conference. I brought up the subject of Eddy, an 8yr old in the centre in Cote d'Ivoire. He wants to be my pilot in the future, how can he be if he & the many others don't have the opportunity to get a scholarship. He doesn't have parents to fund his pilot training.

If anyone in aviation is reading this in the very near future. There are two women committed to getting more women and youngsters into aviation in Africa. Please help us out, we need to be in Abidjan by 24th October! Thanks!

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