Saturday, January 30, 2016


I try to stay out of politics generally but there are a few bugs in the system that still haven't been ironed out in Côte D'Ivoire.  Having said that I doubt they will for a few decades yet.

Currently there are a lot of government posters condemning corruption by government officials, asking the population to report it.  It's a massive change from the other side of the border in Ghana, where even when petty corruption is reported, you are given a smirk and the matter is ignored.

Back in August 2015, going through a 'barrage' (checkpoint) our minibus was stopped for ID checks.  Those that didn't have ID were asked for varying sums of money.  On ringing a police chief the matter was dealt with swiftly, correct fines were applied and receipts given.  Of course not every minibus will have a passenger who'll make the calls!

In Abengourou the roads were savagely torn up 6months ago, the dust has been so bad ever since everyone is forced to breathe through a tissue or cloth, wear a (now illegal) plastic bag over their head; respiratory problems are rife.

During a chat with a restaurant waiter who was wiping down a dusty chair, a job he has to do several times a day, we got chatting about the situation.  I pointed out that when the Mayoral elections come up everyone has the choice to vote.  His attitude was that no matter who you vote for, the bigwigs around town will ensure that a well-known personality will get into office.  A 'lowly' waiter will never have the chance to help make a change.  This is certainly true in Ghana which I've watched getting corrupter by the month but I do feel that Cote D'Ivoire is making progress in this area, to let everyone contribute ...

Africa as a continent needs to wake up and change from internal corrupt systems before neo-colonism sneaks in and takes over whilst in-country squabbles take the front page ...

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