Monday, December 14, 2015

Hiatus for a reason

There's been a hiatus from the blog, but certainly not from travelling.  Since that last post, I've probably made 15-20 trips to West Africa and a few to the east of the continent including a short trip to Burundi to see friends on the spur of the moment whilst in Uganda for aviation work.

Lately the focus has been very much on C.R.E.E.R ( that was set up in 2010 and finally operational in 2014 in Cote d'Ivoire as a safe house for child trafficking victims.

Leaving again in a few days for West Africa looking forward to seeing my 'little brother' who just got married.  I've mentored him over a few years whilst he built up Nima Tours ( in Accra, Ghana.  Charles will be joining me on the overland trip to Abidjan and then up to Abengourou for Christmas along with a US friend.  I'll be posting updates and thoughts whilst over there, hopefully not like buses coming all at once!

Have a great festive season in the meantime!

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