Monday, November 14, 2011

Life has to go on ...

Following the WAFRIC conference, life had to continue.

However it was incredibly difficult, the board were overjoyed with the success of the conference but there was a massive divide following the fact that I had to host it alone.

The concensus was that the majority of the board would have to resign as we had made a variety of offers to keep the flag flying without success.  WAFRIC is now without the main members of the board which is sad; but out of bad must come good.  A new organisation for ladies is due to be formed to continue the work that had already been started.

On a personal level I had put so much work into the organisation, in my own time conferring with stakeholders; my own business suffered.  Struggling for a number of weeks, I finally decided to sub-contract in Algeria to save my business.

The glass is always half full and it was a close call!  I managed to get an Algerian visa in a morning & a week later I was flying to Algiers as a consultant in aviation training.

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