Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yako 5th August in Abidjan & an update

5th August: No gunfire, just a simple accident with bus No19 apparently trying to avoid a collison with a car on the FHB bridge in Abidjan.  Simple isn't the word, it went off the bridge into the Ebrie Lagoon beneath, killing 12 passengers at last count and injuring 9 that were taken to the CHU at Treichville.

Yako a tous; a massive loss of life in a peaceful era in Cote d'Ivoire; not sure if that's the final count.  The fatal 12 deaths are enough.  The bridge judging by the photos released it's a mess and needs reinforcement again.

Trying to be upbeat, has some great news about their project along with having been at OshKosh in the USA a massive aeronautical conference.  'The Calling' the documentary video by Rex Pemberton was screened, judging by the trailer, a sponsor of tissues was probably doing well there!  Here's the trailer by Rex Pemberton
Incredible, moving story; if you've not clicked above for almost 4minutes of trailer, you really
don't know what you are missing!  Their young lady, who isn't as abled as the rest of us; 
continues to improve having recently had another operation!  She'll be flying us all soon! 
However a 'product' of www.waaspscom  gave an impressive interview about women in 
aviation and Ghana: is building up to their 3rd Annual Conference, hard work but very determined 
to get more young ladies interested in aviation!  Hoping to have a massive turnout in Accra 
in late September! 

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