Friday, November 5, 2010

Continuer en paix!

The first round of the Ivorian elections are now over.  After a few long nights watching & waiting for CEI to give out the results, the closely fought contest was finally over.  Read a lot of interesting comments from some talented Ivorian twitters.  Toussine, accepting me as 'an Ivorienne in reverse' my usual response to my nationality in regards to our flags!

No clear winner, it's going to a second round, but in retrospect it's no bad thing.  Having a clear winner after over a decade without an election might cause distrust and anger.

The incumbent Laurent Gbagbo leads with a margin of about 6% over AlassaneOuattara (ADO) who is predominant in the north of the country. 

However, percentages, power sharing, gaining ground etc is of no interest to me.  What was so thrilling was that the country remained calm, showed true Ivorian reserve & brotherhood, which was all too apparent on Twitter too!

I got a phone call on Wednesday morning from friends in Abengourou; their 9 year old daughter was eager to talk to me, first question 'Tatie, have you voted?' (in French!) she made me laugh.  The downside was, she asked me to bring her a computer for Christmas; I will have to teach her the value of money when I catch up with them next!!!

Even the youngsters have realised how important this is.  Possibly because at home she would be watching TV.  I was thrilled to see some positive marketing by the government, just prior to the RTI 6pm news which I got online.  A variety of 'adverts' came on.  Normal, everyday Ivorians, Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure and others were telling the nation to vote & accept the decision in a peaceful manner. 

Long may it continue .. Cote d'Ivoire will be back in a position to proudly move forward economically.  En Liberte ...

Unlike in France today where Sarko was kow-towing to the Chinese leader!

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