Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World Cup 2010

I have to mention that there are three guys heading southbound to Jo'burg from Lisbon who have been looking for stories.

The three of them are journalists and covering stories on most things to do with football as well as life in general in the countries they are going through. I'm intensely jealous of them, I would love to do this one day! But believing in karma, hopefully that with the few contacts I'm giving them I will do this eventually!

Their blogs are unfortunately (for me) in Portuguese but they do have excellent English. Anyone reading this who is in W.Africa from Abidjan to Jo'burg and points in between, please either leave me a message or contact them if you can offer assistance!
I think I've mentioned before that I'm not a football fan by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a great project!


amateurs said...

We'd love to help out and we're currently embarking on a similar journey!

Check us out at and let us know if we get involved somewhere along the way!

The information on your blog is great and we'll be using it as we make our way south for sure! Cheers, Benny

Benny said...

Hey there,

That is a top site. Thanks for the post, we're doing a similar thing and will definately try to catch up with these guys along the way...

Thanks again and cheers for the great info in the blog, it'll definately help us along!


Ryan Lindsay Bartz said...

hi kira! i've stumbled across your blog trying to research as much as i could about overland travel in west africa. you have some crazy stories. My friend has been in the peace corps here for 2 years and we're planning to head out (4 gals in total travelling) for a 3 month travel adventure and i was wondering if i could pester you for advice, recommends etc? Anything would be great...perhaps we will be in Cote d'ivoire to help your friends with stories about west africa too. I'm excited but slightly terrified about the travel. anything would be helpful!