Monday, December 29, 2008

Sharing ...

I was invited round to have lunch with my airport pickup mechanic & his family, to meet his wife, baby + kids. They live in a compound of several families, they all have two rooms each with the cooking done outside by the women. He and his wife spoilt me cooking fufu + talapia which was Dani's favourite meal here!!! I had their little baby in my arms for hours, she was 3 weeks but tiny; too thin and desperately needed multi-vitamins. Later he took me in a clients car down to the beach and we sat and sorted the world out!!! I was glad that a friend had given me a few brand new shirts which I passed onto my new friend & some clothes I gave to his wife for the children!

Whatever the Ivorians have, they share. I've been to Africa since I was 10 years old; I've been to several countries all over the continent, but no where is as hospitable and friendly as Cote d'Ivoire. How the country got into the crisis it did since 1999 I will never fathom out; wonderful people who graciously share.

Spent just over a week at the same hotel as last year in Bassam; it was terrible this year, they have lost the toilet seats, mould growing around the taps, filthy shower tiles, mattress was so thin I had a sore back most mornings. The restaurant was almost non-existent, just a clutter of tables & chairs and to top it off the staff were telling me that the Malinke owner seems to use it as his own exclusive brothel, which was quite funny in retrospect as he had been ringing me for months asking me to come back!!!

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