Saturday, December 27, 2008

Out goes Guinea's Conte ...

I have to be honest and say that I was very happy to hear of Conte's demise; watching France 24 in Bassam I was literally turning cartwheels ... then suddenly stopped!

Hearing about a possible coup d'etat happening, the confusion amongst the Guineans I was concerned that things could quickly get out of hand. Confusion reigned, the anchor on France 24 was talking to a variety of people, each giving their own conflicting story to the previous person! It was a worrying time not knowing what was going on in Guinea ...

All ended well, there had been a coup d'etat by Captain Moussa Camara ... I hope he will lead the country as it deserves to be lead. Having met him two years previously whilst in Guinea at Sobane when he drove myself & Gianni to Douprou on his way to a funeral. He seemed like someone who had morals & values. I'd often wondered about his role in the strikes that followed a few weeks after meeting him.

Fingers crossed that Guinea will re-enter the stage in W.Africa, there are enough resources there to drive the economy forward; as long as the politicians or international conglomerates don't plunder them!

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